Single Fin Espresso Beans
Single Fin Espresso Beans

Single Fin Espresso Beans


We love our Espresso!  It's dark but smooth - without the bitterness found in many other espresso blends.

We use a blend of Brazilian, Costa Rican and Mexican beans

Perfect for Espresso, Pourovers, or Drip Coffee in the Office!

Rich and warm, slightly fruity, with hints of caramel - with a bit of zing.  Like surfing perfect chest high barrels over a shallow reef.

(And, yes, these are the exact same beans we serve everyday in our Kapaa shop)

Thanks for loving us...   Drink Coffee or Die!



*Heads up! Our 16oz beans are packaged in our 12oz bags, so don't worry if you receive a bag that says 12oz, because it was specially weighed out to 16oz for you!*